Great prices, scalability, the latest stable technologies, toll-free sales and tech support, low client-to-server ratios, simple site building solutions for all budgets and unsurpassed customer service come to mind as some of the more important reasons why you should seriously consider having your site hosted through Our full-featured plans also offer many  integrated scripts such as mail forms, bulletin boards, photo albums, a shopping cart, etc… that are quickly installed with a few clicks of a mouse. 

Unsurpassed Customer Service
Our team of professionals will provide personalized support for all your needs. We pride ourselves in being responsive to client requirements. We constantly strive to offer the best web hosting solution available at the best price.

Connectivity servers (Pentium IV & Dual XEON) are located in a state-of-the-art facility in Houston, Texas. The data center infrastructure is connected to the Internet through 14 Gigabit Ethernet links, from six separate backbone providers. With the proven reliability and functionality of Linux (UNIX) and Apache based web servers, we provide our clients with hosting solutions that offer a proven track record for performance, security, dependability, and simple web site management through a user friendly web based site/account administration interface.

Our Commitment To You will provide a good environment for your small to mid-sized business to grow. We offer some of the best stable technology available and very competitive pricing. Our no set-up fee policy combined with our 30-day money-back guarantee assures you that you have peace of mind with

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